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looking for an intern

hi everyone! 

i am currently on the hunt for an intern and would like to start conducting interviews as early as this upcoming week! 

i’m looking for someone hard-working and interested in learning more about the many different fields i’m involved in which include:

modeling, photography, fashion buying for a retailer (specifically women’s [street]wear at this point but all welcome to apply), styling, hair & makeup skills, social media, marketing, design, etc. etc.

i have a lot of projects coming up and am in desperate need of a helping hand!

this will be an unpaid part-time position but will lead to a potential paid position if we work well together.

please send resume AND cover letter to me at if interested.

applicant MUST be at least 18 years old and in the LA area with reliable transportation

**please note that this position is not for me to make someone into a model. i need someone more interested in the business aspect of things, eager to gain knowledge that they can use for themselves.**


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